Tuesday, December 20, 2011

RANT before Xmas

If there's one thing i hate it's grown-ass-men acting like a mother fucking high kids. I'm not saying I'm mature-but I maybe on my kindda late twenties but I act a little below my age (because thats how I feel like). I never really did like kids...You see, I grew up even before I hit puberty, growing up-I never had friends who are the same age as I am. They were always older. Sad to say, until this day, I have very limited interaction with people the same age as I am and even younger.

I don't know why? but I always find it hard to uhhh interact? Anyway, thats another issue and another rant but for now lets get back as to why I am irritated. It all started last Saturday, what was suppose to be a FUN-HAPPY-Saturday night turned into a night of bull shit drama!

Kane and I was invited to Mcvie's party last Saturday. We already agreed to merge our entourage into 1 big group once we get to the venue and then at 3am we hit our favorite spot in the metro to meet with ou other friends. Part of my entourage, I have my live-in partner Arcee, a dear friend G, a neophyte T and my ex M. Yes, I am good friends with my ex. We fooled and cheated with each other for three fucking years so It's just normal that we became..uhh sisters after the non-official break up (thats another story).

HENIWAYZ, As usual, Kane was late but two of his entourage wasn't, so 2 of his mates joined our group. We got to the venue around 12:50am which I think is just the right time. Like a chump, I only know 4 people in that party. I said my hellos and introduced my friends. We were greeted by hot guys wearing fishnets and gave us shots of Soju.

Our group kept to ourselves cause it seemed like people were in groups and nobody was talking to us except for one (Merc). We managed to have fun, we had bottles of booze and we were happy. I could see Arcee touching the waiters crotch and then wiping his hand on G's face while they laughed about it. My neophyte T was taking it all in, though he was quiet as a dead cockroach on a corner-he was having fun just looking at us. M on the other hand, flirted with Merc and after awhile, he was having a concert on the videoke which was cool.

A Little later, Kane finally arrived and another friend of mine dropped by. At this hour, we were on Party mode. HECK! I WAS ON PARTY MODE. People were getting wasted but I managed to keep myself sober since I know we were going to our spot after the party. At the corner of my eye, I could see my M making out with my friend who just arrived. Arcee was making out with Kanes friend and it was just hot to look at! I just had to join in and engage on a 3way make out session.

When we were about to leave and go to our next stop, I went to the loo to take a piss and voila who do I see puking and making a complete ass of himself? No other than my ex M. Since I'm such a good friend, I went over to see if he's alright. Also, I was hoping that he puke all the alcohol in his system because I didn't want him to sabotage our next stop over. And what do you know! The mother fucker is crying! I MEAN WTF! I asked him, "Why are you crying?" and then he said "Hindi kasi ako pinapansin ni G" At that moment of time, I wanted to put his head inside the toilet and then flush it. But instead, I did what I thought was right at that moment-ignore what he just said.

A little back track...M likes G, G on the other hand likes M but just got out of a 4 year relationship and haven't even moved on yet. He is not ready to commit nor he wants to.

So back on to my story, I asked M to pull himself together which he did half-assed. We said our goodbyes and thanks to everyone and headed to the car. Because of M's condition, I was fucking out numbered! They decided, to go grab something to eat then head home. Yes, at that point I was DEVASTATED! I was beginning to have fun! Arcee tried to calm me down by saying "its already 4am anyway" and I was like "We always go to that spot 3 or 4am and we leave the place when the sun is already rising but I don't hear anyone complain?!"

So anyway, M was drunk pretending to sleep and I know he could hear me rant and I wanted him to hear it. Finally we stopped over this joint to grab something to eat. We asked M if he wanted to eat? He just shrugged. "Pabayaan nyo na yan jan. patulugin nyo na lang kung ayaw" I told G and we got out to eat inside the establishment.

Once inside, I said Why not go to the next party and leave M inside the car? I said jokingly but it was half meant...I mean seriously. Kane, A, V and I at one point got super fucking wasted and drugged! To the point where Kane and V to the point of black out! I WAS FUCKING HALF DEAD ON THE STREETs of Ortigas and Malate but I still managed to get home all by self in one fucking piece! SUCK IT UP! Thats the number one party rule. WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR ALCOHOL/DRUG INTAKE. If we don't want to get too wasted, then moderately. Its so fucking easy! We don't blame our friends for the free drinks, we don't blame peer pressure since we are all fucking adults and we are are responsible for our own body.

We got back in the car and we decided to drop M off since he was "wasted". On our way to his place he woke up.

M: Baba nako ng kotche

G: Ihahatid ka na namin

M: Dito na lang ako gusto ko na bumababa sabi e

ME: Itabi mo na na G ibaba mo na

G: On the way na naman, ihatid ka na lang namin di ba lasing ka

M: Ititigil ba ung kotche o tatalon ako palabas?

ME: Itigil mo na G, pabayaan mo na sha kung gusto nya matanda na yan.

and then he went out of the car. At this point I was RAVING MAD!!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS HIS PROBLEM PULLING A HIGHSCHOOL DRAMA ON US!! He was mad because G allegedly ignored him?!? MAy I fucking remind you that he was practically busy having a fucking concert and sucking someone face while holding a bottle of booze. If his mout wasn't infront of the mic, it was interlocked with someone else's. So the "hindi kasi ako pinapansin ni G" reason is BULL CRAP! And 2 Saturdays ago was no different either! We were in our usual hang out place and he was making out left and right infront of G's face but G was fine with it...it wasn't like they were dating or anything. Now why all of a suddent this became a fucking issue! GROW FUCKING UP! No one is buying your bull shit. I MISSED MY LAST STOP OF THE NIGHT BECAUSE OF YOUR BULL SHIT DRAMA YOU SELFISH, ASSHOLE! And also, G is not buying that he is drunk either. We partied harder than that night before but M never got drunk-passed out, acted like a bitch and he still manages to drive! Trying to blame it on the alcohol is the oldest fucking trick on the book...Thats the excuse pregnant HighSchool bitches say.

According to our brainstorming session as to why, he was acting like that all of a sudden is because, he felt guilty for making out infront of G and the worst part is G doesn't care. G was having a good time at the party, he never doesn't even care if M had sex with someone infront of him. To make things more interesting, he kept calling and texting all three of us! And he even thought that I would understand why he was acting out!?! Do I look like a moron? I am a good friend but if theres anything I don't tolerate it's bullshit drama! And why oh why is he in a fucking hurry to get out of the car then all of a sudden he wants to talk and would even commute just to explain and air out?! BABAE KA TEH?

Anyway, we all decided to give him the silent treatment for now but ofcourse, he is our friend and eventually we will talk to him and hang out with him but he needs to learn his lesson. If he wants to still be running with the pop girls then better keep up cause we don't slow down for nobody.


  1. ooooh. i miss these kinds of Dramuh. The Dramuh that makes people hulas (hulas from alcohol, hulas from drugs, pretending to be hulas).

    When people go out and party, the main purpose is to have FUN. And having FUN RESPONSIBLY. People try to shit on some of my Saturdays that's why I need to take them off my list. Tama lang to kick "M" in the curb, he was asking for it.

    Anyway, I'm in my loooong hiatus of partying and clubbing all night long. Pero sige, if you have something something on your birthday, I will make sure to make a bitch entrance. Mishu friend!

  2. I miss you blogging!!! XD