Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Like a FLy on HOt Fresh Shit

One horny day back 2010, horny E was online browsing through the largest, most user friendly gay social networking there is----FACEBOOK!!!

"nope, done, done, nope, maybe...,nope.Ah!!! there you go!" (me browsing/shopping at my friends friends list)

***add as friend, poke***

after 5mins "**** has accepted your friend request"

I clicked on chat and saw him online. Perfect! I clicked on his name to pop out the chat box.

ME: hi!

***: hey

ME: sex

***: kelan?

ME: ngayon na

***: loc?

ME: sa ____

***: Number?

ME: 09----------

***: ligo lang tapos alis nako text sa directions

ME: k

Nice, its exactly what I wanted...Less bullshit and straight to the point. None of those "i hope to be your friend" or "you look nice, I hope to know more about you" drama. After a couple of hours, I picked him near my place. He is taller than I am, olive skin tone and yummy. Problem is, I made him wate for a couple of mins and he looked pissed. I introduced myself and he just nodded. No "Hi", no "nice meeting you" nothing. "Oh well, at least I won't have to bother with small talk and just get it on. This would be good and quick" I told myself as I walked ahead of him, leading the way to our place.

Once inside my room, I went right into it, No more "make yourself comfortable" or "have a sit" I just kissed him and unbuckled his pants, he did the same. We tried different positions until finally, we both came buckets. I got up to grab a towel to wipe sweat and saliva-sprayed alcohol but then I went back to him to make out some more. I don't normally do this kind of stuff with hook ups. I may-MAY flirt for awhile playful flirtation not cuddly cuddly kissy kissy. I noticed he wasn't in a hurry to get dressed, "Hmmm maybe he is also tired and just wanted to rest for awhile, I think making stay for 15 more minutes is alright." So we kissed and the unthinkable happened...I fell asleep on top of him while we were making out. LOLZ

After God knows how long it has been, I woke up and it was already dark outside - time for dinner. I thought, maybe feed him before sending him home although I never-NEVERRRR feed hook ups. Why the fuck should I? After the nice fuck, I usually send them home-I need my alone time after sex. Anyway, I served him dinner inside my room. I cooked a really horrible Laing earlier that no one but me was eating. It was terrible! I undercooked half of it and then burned the other half....I forgot to put seasoning so it its just like eating wet undercooked/over cooked leaves. LOLZ Anyway, he was able to finish it all up.

I thought we was going to leave but he seemed comfortable laying on my futon waiting for me to lie next to him again...HHHmmm no sign of leaving anytime soon. I forgot what lame excuse I said for him to leave but he asked if he could stay a little bit longer, there was something in him that I couldn't say "no"...So he stayed for awhile....and then a while became a week, and then months...and then a year...and now it has been a year and so months and we're still together.

I don't know exactly how long we have been together since we don't celebrate monthsaries-and theres no exact date when we became official LOLZ but hey! Nobody's counting.

They say we are an odd couple, since our set up isn't exactly the norm but I don't really care. Whats important is that he's happy, I'm happy, we're together and we love each other. So babes, I wasn't expecting for someone like you---I never asked for you, I was just looking for someone to scratch my itch that day but just like a fly on a hot fresh shit, you kept hanging around me and for that I am honored (like an honor student). I love you more each day (KESO!) and proud to be your babes. Mwah, Mwah, Tsup, Tsup!


  1. Love love love! Glad you found Mr. Asterisks! :)

  2. Is this the boy I saw near Ministop na kasama mo?

    Yup we get to see each other for reasons only the universe knows. Lol.

  3. hahaha naks ikaw na!

    oh, and welcome back! :P

    - poi

  4. It's a nice love story! I wish you all the happiness! *kilig*

  5. So glad for you E. Who cares if its not typical? What's so good about being normal? We make our own definition of happiness. That's what matters. ;)

  6. welcome back.

    and a toast for your new adventures.

  7. Thanks you babes, you still remembered most of what happened that night pala lol. I remember the exact picture of what happened. The best part was when "we never stop kissing for almost 6hours" my first time lol, and still know the numbers 86 ;-). i love you so much, and im happy, im glad you're happy just the same.

    Hi Mugen, Yes! Its me. We we're introduced at ministop last Sunday. My pleasure to meet you.

    Im A!

  8. i am happy that e is on track again after long time. i will keep you loving from a distance at kahit mabangga na kita, i will still keep my feelling. palagi kasing nandyan si A, lol!

    muah from dubai!

  9. Oh honey ... I didn't know you could be a sweet girl. I mean, WTF? You're so cheesy I swear you're worse than those high school girls!

    Hahaha. But ... I suppose one must make allowances for, uhm, love.

    Sigh. Fine. Masaya ako you have someone like him. =) And that friends share their blessings =)



  10. Wow. That is really something to be proud of. :)

  11. i guess its the ripe time for me to find hook-ups sa FB....hahahah

    (gawin daw bang PR)