Saturday, February 4, 2012


is currently busy with life...quick update: moving to a new home :-) a place where i don't have to deal with a wicked bitch and her ugly,equally venomous lesbian lover. Yes! I'm talking about my mother (fucker), since she clearly chose her lesbian old hag over me then I have considered her dead. I hope she does the same to me. I have no plans seeing her in the near or far future-not even her shadow. I just don't want anything to with her and her lesbian bitch. I don't really want to talk about her since she is no longer important.

I am currently experiencing hardship. Hardship because of all the drama in my life. Financially not doing well but I know this is just a phase. I am getting by thanks to wonderful friends. Thank God for A, A's family, Kane, Niks, G and a few others who is helping me maintain my sanity. THANK GOD for giving me such a wonderful support system. Grabe! As in without these people with me, I don't know where I'll be. They are now my family--my home.

I'm at a scary phase of my life at the moment. Too many things has changed which made me lose sleep, kept me anxious and at the edge which made my skin breakout :-( thats the real tragedy---my face has now acne and acne marks. I mean, WHY!!! WHY AT THE LOWEST POINT OF MY LIFE!!! WHYYYYYYY????!!!

Like a pimple, I know all the drama, the stress, the depression, the scary feeling of standing on my own--all these are just temporary. However, just like a fucking pimple, when I overcome these things, i know it will leave a mark. I hope in this trying times I won'tlose the site of where I wanna be and in the end, I get out of this a winner--or at least a better person.


  1. E, you are absolutely correct.

    These are only temporary and you know how strong you are.

    And pretty.


  2. Hope all will be well for you soon. Battle scars are the silent witnesses to a warrior's feats. Show 'em what you got, dude. :)