Sunday, October 19, 2014


It's been ages since I last talked to you. While it's true that I have been busy with life, I really did avoid even thinking of you until last night when I was at a dinner party. People who knew me from you started asking me questions as to why I stopped talking to you and I couldn't really shake off the conversation which put me in a hot spot. You see, after you became a book, you became bigger than me. I did anticipate that it may happen, however what I wasn't expecting is reaction...I wasn't prepared to be the poster boy for "POSITIVITY" and "INSPIRATION" there are ALOT of RESPONSIBILITIES riding on my back at that time which I really did not want to and need. I just wanted to have fun and play! And then weeks became months, months became a years and before I know it, I'm fucking 30 years old and my priorities has changed but still, I refuse to acknowledge you. I guess a part of me wanted to erase those dark years of my life because finally, I was able to achieve being the average joe. So here I am again...This time, there are no dark stories to tell, no lesson learned. But all I have to say for now, is that I'm doing ok. It took allot for me to be ok and I guess I'd also want to say THANK YOU for being there when I had nobody to turn to...You became my fucking outlet for me to be able to achieve stuff that I didn't dream that would be possible in this lifetime. Without you, I wouldn't have met these wonderful people who I still call friends until now. I'm glad that nobody gets to read you now...I really am glad :) At least now, I can again call you my friend. Till next time! I'll be keeping in touch!

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  1. It's how that when we look back and reread what we've written before it would seem too distant, foreign. Like a faint memory of the person we used to be.

    But there's wisdom in nostalgia. We don't really, completely become different people. And, a subtle reminder helps once in a while to see how far we've gone, and how there's always room for improvement.

    I'm glad you're in a better place, a happier place, now.