Wednesday, September 29, 2010

UNDER ATTACK AGAIN ***eyes rolling***


Once again I am under attack by EDWIN JAMORA, the stinky, fat, ugly and queen of everything that is evil in this world. Yes, I don't read his blog/blogs (why would I?) but my friend Amiel (Dona Victorina) called me and told me that I am once again under attack by this hideous TNT, old chakla (chakla =chakang bakla). To set the record straight, I NEVER APOLOGIZED to that shithead, why would I apologize to that stinky sebo? When I wished for him to get hit by an 18 wheeler of truck, or wished that he dies a slow and painful death--I MEANT EVERY WORD OF IT! So why take them back?

That fatso had it coming! FYI: I don't see the point as to why bitch about me since I don't have a wide readership and like what he said: no one reads me. He has been picking fights with ALOT ALLLOOOOOTTT of bloggers from the past (to gain popularity I guess) but since I'm not popular I guess he decided to pick on me. Oh well, at the end of the day, at least I'm not 60 pounds overweight, I don't have a nose size of a pancake and my skin does not produce so much lard!

So now EDWIN JAMORA, you ugly tub of lard and shit, heart attack is on its way and since your like 100 years old, I suggest you start doing something productive with your pathetic life instead of feeling popular on cyber space---MOVE YOUR FAT ASS! DO COMMUNITY WORK! MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY (by killing yourself)!

FYI: THIS IS FUCKING CYBERSPACE! Not real life! Doesn't mean that just because there are 100 people reading your shit it means your a fucking celebrity! YOU WILL NEVER MATTER Edwin Jamora and you will never EVER be important to anyone...You will die alone, fat, ugly, broke and did I mention ALONE? Yes, your parents should have aborted you.

(pangit, mas pangit, pinaka pangit...The flying baboys)

****Hopefully this will be my last post about EDWIN JAMORA****


  1. hahaha. am from the land of the chocolate hills.. you made my day. my hometown is invaded by the pangit, mas pangit and pinaka pangit. hahaha. have mercy on the broom..

  2. kulang lang sa pansin yan, natawa ko sa pangit, mas pangit at pinaka pangit. bumenta sa akin '!

  3. Hahahaa I love your well appointed rage!


  4. yeah fuck edwin, that broke piece of shit

  5. that guy edwin is a fucking monkey just look at his face i bet ya his dad got horny at the zoo and put his cock in a monkey,,,, 9 months later that ugly fuck pops out at the manila zoo if i had a child like edwin i would drown him plain and simple

  6. with the picture and everything.haha :P

  7. hi! your book was 1 of the 3 books i bought last night in national bookstore; the others were dear mgg and twisted 9. i decided to start reading your book before sleeping. it kept me awake hours past my bedtime. it was past 1am when i finished your book, and i still have work hours after. anyways, i just want to let you know your published work was riveting, poignant and inspiring. i was moved by your story about your relationship with mark. thank god you broke up and that you are stuggling to be better. i'll make your blog part of my regular reading list from now on. keep the fire burning!

  8. sana makapag blog ka ulit...been reading your book and somehow i think I know you already through it...

    we all wanna know whats going with you, we all wanna read as you continue your journey...

  9. E!!! we met sa bangkok... then at one event here in manila...

    i just found out am HIV+ 3 days ago

    im fine naman... kamusta ka na?


  10. Hello E. I don't if you still check your blog but, I hope you're well.

    ~Emotionally Slutty

  11. What's going on, Eric? No more updates? Been a long time now. Hope everything's alright with you...

  12. Hayaan na lang sya at di ba nga sabi ng isang contestant sa Biggest Loser,

    "Q: may nakita ka bang matanda na mataba?
    A: Wala...
    Q: Alam mo ba kung bakit?
    A: Hindi
    Q: Bakit nga ba?
    A: Kasi namamatay sila ng maaga...

    natawa ako sa flying baboys